seo services consultant near me
seo services consultant near me
Mobile Notary Near Me 302-750-9678 Jamie Campbell
Mobile Notary Near Me302-750-9678Jamie Campbell

SEO Consultant Jamie Campbell 


My name is Jamie Campbell and I specialize in organic white-hat SEO and PPC optimization for small business owners across the US and Canada, with hyperlocal concentration in the mid-Atlantic region of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  You can reach me directly by calling or texting 302-750-9678


As a seasoned search engine optimizer and digital marketing consultant, I help fellow small businesses increase revenue​ by bringing more traffic to their websites, more prospects to their business and more qualified leads to contribute to their bottom line. 


The new customers you need to grow your business are already out there searching for you, so it is sometimes just a matter of organically meeting them right where they already are.


Having a sleek website with a great U/X may be more important than ever in 2022, but fast and easily crawlable is far more important than shiny, especially as mobile-first indexing takes precedence and Google gives more SERP space to sites with quick load times.


To compete in almost any industry you must rank highly on major search engines like Bing and in local listings like Google Business Profile, formerly called Google My Business (GMB).  If you are like typical small business owners in our new convenience-based economy, your company's digital footprint could benefit tremendously from the help of a professional SEO consultant. 


Your business website is an investment in yourself, your company and your brand and, for your online presence to provide bankable return and sustainable growth, organic optimization from a seasoned, local digital marketing expert is something you need.


Call me today because I can help you.


Professionally optimized websites have higher visibility and generate more traffic.


If you own or manage a business and your target customer base uses the internet to find you, call me because I can help you.

  • optimize any existing web property, profile, digital asset or underperforming campaign
  • create powerful website or social media presence to increase visiblity and brand awareness
  • developimplement + measure a digital marketing plan and growth strategy​​ for success

SEO and digital marketing acronyms like it have become something of a dirty word, especially if you are a small business owner searching the internet for the best SEO companies for small business.  There is a lot of expensive snake oil out there amidst the white-hat SEO and making that mistake can cost you time and money as well as possible getting your website penalized by Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.  



Google Ads


  To be a thriving small business in 2022 and beyond, you probably know that you need a robust digital footprint anchored to a well-optimized website, but where to begin?  


It is all too common to find a search engine optimization company charging a hefty fee for something that everyone needs but few understand.  Many small business owners end up throwing a lot of money away on a nice looking website that meets none of its lead generation potential.


There are no longer any magic bullets for organic SEO. A comprehensive long-term strategy will serve you well both now and in the future as digital marketing becomes even more complex and mandatory.


There is really no such thing as an SEO expert, at least not in 2022.  The search engines sometimes work in mysterious ways (either through design or inevitable error) and, short of being on the team that is constantly revising the alogorithm and guidelines, there is too much guesswork involved to claim anything near expertise.


Websites optimized by Jamie are structurally clean (ideally from the design stage) and inherently search-engine friendly through best practice architecture.  Ongoing on-page and off-page optimization maintenance and consultation, including content creation and content marketing is designed around affordable, "small business friendly" rates.  


Jamie Campbell is a local authority on best-practice SEO as well as a seasoned digital marketing consultant specializing in hyperlocal organic search using white-hat search engine optimization methods and long-term ranking strategies with proven results for small business owners throughout Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania.


Search Engine Optimization


The visibility of your website can be controlled to some degree in the organic search results provided by Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, et al.  SEO can be an excellent investment in your site's digital health and performance with the services of a seasoned search engine optimization consultant.

Google Ads Campaigns


The major search engines also offer paid listings at the top or bottom of the SERPs for a variable cost per click.  Whether your business already ranks well organically or not, even with smaller budgets, the ROI can be phenomenal with a well-managed PPC campaign set up by a paid search specialist


Optimizing your website will make it work harder and smarter.

Website Optimization Packages


The services of an organic SEO consultant are your best bet if you require your website to rank as highly as possible for competitive, convertible keyword phrases in your market and in your niche.  


Every business is different, which is why you need a local organic search expert to give the indexing spiders, crawlers and bots the applicable meta tags to bring your website above the fold.  


Your customers are already out there searching for you,

so take the simple steps to stand out right where they are already looking.


call/text 302-750-9678

or email Jamie today.


seo consultant services near me
seo consultant services near me
seo consultant services near me

Small Business Solutions by Jamie
Wilmington, DE 19808


Phone: 302-750-9678





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