delaware social media marketing consultant smm
delaware social media marketing consultant smm
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Facebook for Business Fundamentals


  1. Concentrate on getting at least 250 fans.  Even with good engagement (see #6), the FB algorithm may only be organically showing your posts to 10% of your fans.  Maybe less.  Having less than 250 fans and only reaching 25 (or less) of them per post makes your odds of achieving an acceptable ROI almost impossible.


  1. Never post without a picture.  Engagement rates are at least 53% higher with images vs. just text.  There is just no reason not to, so don’t. 


  1. If you have a website, link to it.  Your website is your real online presence.  FB is a great way to reach people, but it should a lead generator and not your primary platform for creating new business.  If you get them to your website, your chances of making them a new customer increase substantially.  Plus, why underutilize  something as effective as FB when everyone’s goal is to generate more website traffic?


  1. Always post AS your business page and then share that post AS your personal self on your personal timeline.  This is very, very confusing, but necessary.  Even if you’re only reaching 10% of your business page fans, a share on your own timeline can raise that significantly if you have a large amount of friends that see your personal posts in their feed.  (Get others to share as well if possible by asking and, of course, posting content that they would be interested in sharing in the first place.)


  1. Every post can’t be spammy.  Posting 2 or 3 times a week is good.  Every day or two is even better.  But it has to be interesting and engaging and not all about you or your products/services. Whether it is helpful hints that relate to your business, cute pictures or whatever, keep it as 80/20 as possible.


  1. Insights.   You simply must watch your Reach and Engagement numbers.  It tells you whether or not what you are doing is working or not.  If your engagement is less than 5%, you are probably not following the above advice. 


These basics apply to every business page.  Every business is different, however, so different approaches are necessary.  The only way to find out what works for your business is to put a strategy into action then watch it and tweak it.  It should be fun and I’ve proven that it can be profitable.  



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delaware website design seo smm social media marketing


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