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My name is Jamie Campbell and I specialize in organic white-hat SEO and PPC optimization for small business owners across the US and Canada, with hyperlocal concentration in the mid-Atlantic region of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  You can reach me directly by calling or texting 302-750-9678


As a seasoned search engine optimizer and digital marketing consultant, I help fellow small businesses increase revenue​ by bringing more traffic to their websites, more prospects to their business and more qualified leads to contribute to their bottom line.


Having a sleek website with a great U/X may be more important than ever in 2021, but fast and easily crawlable is far more important than shiny, especially as mobile-first indexing takes precedence and Google gives more SERP space to sites with quick load times.


To compete in almost any industry you must rank highly on major search engines like Bing and in local listings like Google My Business (GMB).  If you are like other small business owners in our new convenience-based economy, your company's digital footprint could use the help of a professional SEO consultant.  Your business website is an investment in your brand and, to provide bankable return, organic optimization from a seasoned, local digital marketing expert. 


Call me today because I can help you.


Search Engine Optimization


The visibility of your website can be controlled to some degree in the organic search results provided by Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, et al.  SEO can be an excellent investment in your site's digital health and performance with the services of a seasoned search engine optimization consultant.

Search Engine Marketing


The major search engines also offer paid listings at the top or bottom of the SERPs for a variable cost per click.  Whether your business already ranks well organically or not, even with smaller budgets, the ROI can be phenomenal with a well-managed PPC campaign set up by a paid search specialist

Professionally optimized websites have higher visibility and generate more traffic.


If you own or manage a business and your target customer base uses the internet to find you, call me because I can help you.

  • optimize any existing web property, profile, digital asset or underperforming campaign
  • create powerful website or social media presence to increase visiblity and brand awareness
  • developimplement + measure a digital marketing plan and growth strategy​​ for success





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