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notary near me contactless 19803
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Delaware Notary Public302-750-9678Jamie Campbell

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  As a Delaware notary, I get lots of questions about vehicle title transfers and the role that a notary public in Delaware plays in some instances.  


Most importantly, Delaware titles do not require notarization.


The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DE DMV) has very informative website with comprehensive information about the services they provide and access to any necessary forms and manuals.


You may find the following direct links especially helpful:





  The Pennsylvania DMV also has a very informative and easily navigated website with information for new residents including how to title and register your out-of-state vehicle in Pennsylania.


 They also have a large repository of forms, publications and maps.





  The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) is a resource of the MD Department of Transportation (MDOT) and provides information on titling and registering your vehicle for a new resident as well as selling or buying a vehicle in Maryland.



New Jersey


       I hope this list of resources helps you answer any questions you may have about titling a vehicle.  Please consider contacting Jamie (302-750-9678) for assistance with any forms or documents that require the services of a Delaware public notary.


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