poa notary near me
poa notary near me
Mobile Notary Near Me 302-750-9678 Jamie Campbell
Mobile Notary Near Me302-750-9678Jamie Campbell

Power of Attorney Notary Near Me

More than half of the mobile notarizations I perform involve Power of Attorney documents and I typically meet the Principal, Agent(s) and witness(es) at a hospital, assisted living facility or private residence.  


  • A POA is a legal document authorizing another person to act as one's Agent or Attorney-in-Fact.


  • POAs are typically employed to designate a responsible party in case of an anticipated or feared disability.


  • The POA can pass to the agent immediately or it can become effective only in the event the individual becomes incapacitated.  


Witnesses for a POA


  • Some forms call for two witnesses and coordinating that component can be the most difficult part.  Only one witness is required by Title 12 § 49A-105 of the Delaware code and the form available for download below is written as such.   


  • Witnesses must be unrelated by blood, marriage or adoption, age 18 or above and have no disqualifying interest.


  • Employees of the facility are almost never allowed to from serve as a witness.



To schedule the mobile notarization of a Delaware Durable Power of Attorney or similar legal document, call or text Jamie Campbell at 302-750-9678.



Delaware Durable Power of Attorney (POA)
DOWNLOAD: A power of attorney is a legal document authorizing one or more designated persons (known as your agent(s) to act on your behalf and make decisions about finances and property. This version calls for only one witness as required in Delaware Code Title 12 § 49A-105.
Adobe Acrobat document [99.9 KB]





In accordance with Delaware Code Title 29, Chapter 43, Subchapter II, § 4336 (d) (2): 


I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in this State. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.

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