find a travelling notary
find a travelling notary
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Find a Traveling Notary


Finding a notary who can travel to your location can be very difficult at times.  The need for notarization is usually extremely urgent and quite often not under the best of circumstances.


In the broadest of definitions, a traveling notary is a person authorized by the state to come to your location, verify your identity and witness your signature on documents requiring notarial language.  Notaries who travel are often referred to as mobile notaries.


Your documents may also require one or even two witnesses in addition to the notary and it is rare that any hospital, nursing home or other facility will allow their employees to serve as witnesses.  Witnesses must also be unrelated and completely disinterested parties so that complicates matters even moreso.




Protocols related to COVID-19 and the prevention of the spread of coronavirus may further complicate matters by limiting the number of people that can be in the same room at the same time.  Allowing only one visitor literally makes notarization with witnesses impossible yet that was the case with certain hospital policies at the heights of the outbreak.


When witnesses are required, coordinating their schedules with that of the signer and the notary just adds more moving parts to the equation, especially if there are health issues limiting the times that the signer is available.


Certain documents that have to be handled ASAP or are related to settlement dates can also pose a problem as attorneys, lenders and title companies often spring documents on you at the last minute and leave you scrambling to locate a mobile notary.


When scheduling with a traveling notary have all of your documents ready so that you can answer questions about witness requirements, the number of stamps needed and any other questions the notary may have.


To book an appointment with Jamie Campbell, call 302-760-9678 or learn more about his mobile notary services.



Finding a Traveling Notary

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